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Weber | The best grill lighter of 2019

Weber lighter

Sharing a lunch or dinner savoring roast beef is a good option, especially to take advantage of the outdoors. Although it is often difficult to light the fire, with this lighter everything will be easier.

And if we talk about barbecue lighters, the Weber grill lighter (see on Amazon) is the best option on the market in 2019 without any doubt. This ignition fireplace has had a great reception in the market and here we will explain what is special and what are its advantages over others. Find out!


The most important thing when buying a grill lighter like Weber’s, is to look at its safety materials and methods so as not to take a bad experience with it.

  • Stainless steel sheet chimney with starter motor
  • Main handle perfectly screwed
  • High strength plastic safety handle.
  • Easy and safe handling.

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What advantages does the Weber chimney starter have?

  • Speed: with Weber, the coal will be ready in just twenty minutes. Forget about the time the Starter had taken the coals to make a barbecue.
  • Versatility: The grill fireplace can be used for briquettes (biofuels) or charcoal. It will be observed that the coal is ready when you see a thin layer of ash in its upper part, obtaining a homogeneous base that gives the cooking a proportional heat.
  • Safety: Fanning the coals to occupy them used to be complicated, sometimes causing burns, with its safety handle and double handle, this with Weber will no longer happen.
  • Comfortable: This coal lighter is easy to handle due to its double handle, which allows us to use both hands to pour the coals already lit on the grill comfortably and without fear of burning.
  • Easy to use: Simply leave the charcoal lighter on the grill, full of charcoal or briquettes and wait for them to light.
  • Compact design: It has a very elegant and beautiful design, thanks to the stainless steel that the sheet has, as well as the safety handles.
  • Easy to clean: Being a lighter not too large, it is very easy to clean after use.
  • Hold the heat perfectly inside: Thanks to the air currents that enter inside through the grid, the coal is progressively heated, and causes the optimum impulse for the coal or briquettes inside to ignite perfectly.

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The coal ignition fireplace is a necessary product for lovers of grills, agility and practicality. It is also an essential item for those looking to handle themselves safely and save time on simple tasks. In addition, it has a good assessment of the opinion of Internet users.

The best thing about cooking a grill with a coal starter chimney like Weber’s, is that if it is your turn to do it, you will not be suffering from how the embers will be or for how long it will take you to definitely turn it on, since as we commented in just 20 minutes you will be able to have some perfect embers for your barbecue and without complications.

You will be able to relax and enjoy the company knowing that the embers will end up being done without any fear.

Weber grill lighter offers

Mode of use

The best thing about using this grill lighter is that it is very easy to learn how to use it and it is an easy item to store so you don’t have to worry about space.

It is necessary to place the ignition chimney for barbecues on the grill with the amount of charcoal or briquettes needed.

By means of a current of air through its grilles it warms up and the coals acquire that heat for, later, Starter. The moment you divide a thin layer of gray ash on the briquettes or charcoal, is when we know they are ready. By using the plastic handle you can safely pour it on the grill.

Only in twenty minutes, the coals have a homogeneous temperature. From that moment on, you just have to worry about looking for recipes to make them. It is not necessary to think about how to start the fire or conserve the coals.

Then, it is only necessary to get down to work and embark on culinary art. Some tips for selecting barbecue meat are also provided in this article: the best option is beef because it is juicy. But other options are pork, chicken or lamb.

In case you are not convinced yet… We leave you our opinion about the Weber Starter chimney

For all the aforementioned reasons it is said that this utensil is the best grill lighter of the year 2019. It brings with it the possibility of living a good moment without unforeseen events, avoiding accidents. It is also a durable lighter and resistant materials that give it quality.

The chimney of ignition of the Weberes brand, the best selling in the market and has an excellent score that was granted by the users of the network. Nowadays, the Internet is a point of consultation and free opinion, which has become key for the purchase decision processes and, in addition, as a market where all kinds of products of different brands are found and at different prices.

For barbecue lovers, it is an opportunity that should be seized because sharing a meal is also gathering, preparing, being together, laughing, chatting, tasting, experiencing recipes, combining flavors. Therefore, it is important to go through the experiences and experiences that involve being with friends, family or, why not, meeting new people.

Anyway, from the practical and safe question of the article, to questions that relate to the experiences that occur as a result of certain customs, they lead us to think that buying the Weber barbecue lighter is essential and it is good that it is in homes to speed up, simplify and safely carry out the ignition of coal. At this point, we only have to have ours and think menus knowing that we will get an optimal cooking.

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