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Iron Grills

Iron Grills

The good weather is approaching, and the time has come to start grilling! How? That your old grill is no longer useful and you have to buy a new one? You will not find any problem! You can buy a fantastic iron grill!

Yes, yes of iron. And right now we are going to give you the reasons why you should buy it, as well as you will learn what is the best maintenance you can give it and the best way to get its full potential.

The best iron grills on the market

Types of iron grills

Certainly there are not as many types of iron grills as there are of a work grill, but, little by little, the catalogs of the big brands have been expanded, adding increasingly compact and practical models.

  • With bell: It is perhaps one of the most recent models. This type of grills simulate the design of the grills with bell, only being made of cast iron. They are very good for cooking meats, but they have the problem that they have to be fixed in a corner of the house, as well as that they require more maintenance than the rest of the models.
  • Without cover: They are the cheapest models on the market. An iron grill that is composed of one or two grills, a work area and a pair of shelves for storing kitchen utensils. Generally, they have a rectangular shape.
  • With lid: they are the best for making meat, vegetables and fish. The system is not very different from barbecues without a lid, only that these models can be found both round and rectangular. They have thermometers to measure temperature and some additional functions to cook food better.
  • With wheels: will you only remove the grills from time to time? Are you going camping? Then you will be interested in the case of iron grills with wheels. Cheaper models can be a problem, because the wheels are usually made of hard plastic. But there are quite economical designs with wheels that move very well in any terrain.
  • Fixed: These types of grills are designed to be mounted in one place. If you want to take another, you have to disassemble each time. It can be with cover or without cover.
  • Grill: A portable design to use the grill wherever you want. It may or may not have a lid, and they are perfect for use in the garden, balcony, terrace or in a campsite. If you’re a lot of grilling outside, you’ll need this one!
grill with garnish

What advantages do iron grills have?

You are not going to spend the money on an iron grill if it is not going to offer you any advantage over other types, right? This is all you will benefit if you buy one!

  • They are much cheaper than a work or stainless steel grill.
  • Iron is a material that keeps the heat more, so they are perfect for making any kind of meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Food can be cooked with both charcoal and firewood. Although there are models that only allow only one type of combustion.
  • Some models have different levels on the grill, or areas where the heat does not reach so much, which allows cooking food with different cooking points.
  • It does not take up as much space as a work or cast iron one, being able to save it when you are not going to use it.
  • There are small portable models, which weigh very little. So you can take them anywhere!
  • They are resistant to shocks and environmental conditions, so they do not require much maintenance. However, they do need a little more constant cleaning than other models.

Is the iron grill perfect for you? Discover!

You already know its advantages, but now you have to ask yourself a question: is the iron grill the right one for you? Now we will check!

  • Space: The great advantage of this type of grill is that they do not require as much space as other models, unless you buy one with a hood. All you have to worry about when you take it out is that it is on a smooth surface, if possible wood or stone, and that’s it. Then you put it back in the garage and it’s over!
  • Budget: In the market you will find all kinds of iron grills, some with very affordable prices of about 50 dollars and others that can reach perfectly 500. That is a great advantage of these models, what are so many that cost a lot Do not find one that fits your budget!
  • Frequency of use: Is it roasting sporadically? Then iron grills are perfect for you. Since most models can be disassembled or portable, you can remove them when you are not going to use them and leave free space for other activities. And if you are going to do many, you know you can buy a small grill for cooking.
  • Location: Knowing where to locate your barbecue is key, and you don’t have the right place for it. An iron grill should be on a smooth surface, trying to prevent it from being grass. If you have a wooden terrace, it will be perfect. Although it will always be better if the surface is made of stone.

Maintaining an iron grill

Although today’s iron grills are designed to cope with environmental conditions, this does not mean that you don’t have to do a little maintenance once in a while.

First of all, there will be cleaning after each use. If you don’t do it, the pieces of meat will stick to the grill, and the coal will stick to the walls. Then it is very difficult to remove it, so do it after each use. Second, there would be the general cleaning that should be done every five or six uses, to remove any remaining coal, soot or food that can spoil the taste of the dishes you prepare.

And finally, a maintenance to help the structure is at all times in perfect condition, for which you will have to treat the iron with special materials, and occasionally give it a good coat of paint. Are you interested in learning how to clean an iron grill? Follow the steps indicated here!