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Grilled Octopus Recipe

Grilled Octopus Recipe

The octopus is usually one of the most typical tapas in bars throughout Spain. But, in addition, it is one of the most delicious delicacies to take with friends and family when you have guests. How about learning a grilled octopus recipe? It is very simple!

Grilled octopus: a dish to share

Enter a situation: you have a visitor and you want to prepare something special. A roasted octopus is one of those recipes that following our simple steps will not cost you to prepare and with which you can surprise all your guests, we assure you

Pulpo a la parrilla

In this case, we will use only octopus legs. You can leave the rest of the body for use in another recipe, since a whole roasted octopus would be a bit dry.

Grilled octopus recipe ingredients (4 people)

To prepare this dish, these are the ingredients you have to gather:

  • 8 octopus legs
  • 6 medium potatoes
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Fine salt
  • Maldon Salt

Grilled octopus preparation

We will explain, in detail, each step you must follow to complete the grilled octopus recipe. Read carefully so you don’t miss anything.

Grilled octopus preparation

Although you can buy ready-to-cook octopus legs, in this case you will take them to the octopus. To do this, you will have to scare the octopus so that the fibers soften. How do you do this

  1. Heat the water until it boils, and then dip the octopus, holding it by the head. After a minute, take it out, wait another minute and immerse it again. And so up to three times.
  2. With the octopus already “scared”, put it to cook, with the boiling water, for about 20 minutes, until the plants are very soft.
  3. Are they already well cooked? Then cut them and reserve the rest of the octopus for another delicacy. Heat the grill, smearing olive oil on the rack. Keep the temperature medium.
  4. Place the octopus legs and start cooking, enjoying the show of how they get color. If you want the octopus to be harder and drier, have a high temperature. If you want it sweet, let the temperature be at medium power.
  5. Brown for about 8-10 minutes each leg of octopus on each side, seasoned with a little salt of the two types, each leg, on each side. This will help the dish have more flavor. If you do it on a barbecue, be very careful with salt, as it will cause some water to fall on the coals and that will generate more smoke.
  6. When ready, chop each leg into small fillets that you put on a plate. It is the turn to take care of making potatoes.
  7. To do this, we give you two options; The first would be to cut them in half and make them on the same grill. The second would be to make some delicious baked potatoes, cutting each potato in half, making some incisions and baking at 180 for about 15 minutes or so. Both options are fantastic as a companion to this dish.
  8. Serve your grilled octopus dish along with a potato per diner and enjoy this fantastic meal.

Grilled octopus recipe: latest tips

Cooking octopus doesn’t have much mystery really. If you already have a little experience doing Galician octopus, you will see that it is very easy to make it on the grill.

The secret is knowing how to control the fire. On the grill, it is very simple to regulate the amount of heat, and with a medium / high power, it will be enough for them to recover. The problem arises when coal or firewood is used.

In these cases, the fire gives directly to the octopus that the meat can carbonize it. Therefore, the heat source must be indirect and with the lid down. Remember that cooking a good barbecue steak is not the same as simple octopus legs.

Grilled octopus recipe: latest tips

Scare the octopus is not complicated either. We recommend that when preparing the dish use an entire octopus. In the fish market they can give it clean, but it would lose its nutritional properties. The fresher the octopus, the better.

To cook it, it is recommended that the octopus has been in the freezer for a couple of days. In this way, the fibers of your flesh cost less to break. And it is easier to cook.

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